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03-31-1997Gina sez...

Gina says:

        o New album: tentatively out on July 1st. It is a true
                     Blues Traveler album -- rocking, jamming,
                     will definately please long time fans. A bunch
                     of songs that are old-school BT. She is really
                     liking the album. The album contains songs that
                     have been played post '94 -- nothing prior to '94
                     and nothing that we haven't heard live. No 'Suite'.
                     "... it isn't poppy..."

        o Euro Tour: Hang on... The dates will be announced as soon
                     as possible. It looks like 1/2 is outdoor festivals,
                     and 1/2 small bars.

        o Summer:    Neil Young is headlining HORDE. JP mentioned that he
                     might pop in on couple of days to jam on the
                     Workshop stage. Chan, Bobby, and Brendan are looking
                     to do guest appearances as well.

        o August:    Blues Traveler is looking to do a short outdoor tour.

        o Winter:    Full blown Blues Traveler US Tour. The boys are coming
                     to _your_ town!

        o Personal:  Brendan is getting married in June, and Chan
                     is tying the knot with a long-time girlfriend in May.
                     Congrats to both!!!!