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01-06-1998Chan is a father; NYE show review; Jono Manson to tour; BT to be on Letterman

It has been a while without updates, so there is a lot. First of all, Chan Kinchla became the first Blues Traveler father with the birth of his first son, Aydin Rojas Kinchla, right before the NYE run in Pompano Beach. The baby and the parents are doing quite well in their home in Miami, FL.

Blues Traveler treated us to a phenomenal two show NYE extravaganza in Florida. The highlights included: on 12/30 with Outta My Hands, Come Together>Mother Funker, and of course a two set marathon (close to 4hrs of music) on 12/31 with As We Wonder, The Conga (Gloria Estefan cover), and Trust In Trust.

Currently, Blues Traveler is on break until the annual Red Rocks 4th of July stint in Morrison's beautiful park. Shortly after the Red Rocks shows Blues Traveler will headline the 1998 annual H.O.R.D.E. festival along with Ben Harper and Barenaked Ladies.

In upcoming news, Jono Manson, John Popper, Eric Schenkman, Bobby Sheehan, and Mark Clark will perform two shows as Jono Manson Band/John Popper & Friends/High Plains Drifter later this month. The exact bill name for the outfit is not decided.

Blues Traveler is also scheduled to appear on Late Night with David Letterman during the 1/28 show. Following the appearance, John Popper will have a hip-replacement surgery in early February.More on that later.

This is it for now. Please check back often for more information on John surgery and the possible Jono Manson Band (which includes Bobby Sheehan and Chan Kinchla) tour.