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07-09-1999BluesTraveler.Net merges with other Blues Traveler webpages

Effective immediately, the webmasters of BluesTraveler.Net, The Green One's Blues Traveler Resources and
groovin@the.show have merged to bring you one amazing website! Everything still looks the same on all of the sites, but we're all working together to build up BluesTraveler.Net into a site that has everything you can imagine!

FULLY searchable setlist archives
Bigger, better Side Project info
An FAQ for all of your BT questions
And we're hoping to run the Black Cat Mailing List directly from our server so we have no need to worry about finding a home every time another netter graduates!

Now, there is a lot of work to be done, but we're working and soon there will be more information at BluesTraveler.Net and we don't want everyone to think that Jason and Craig are doing everything. We hope you enjoy what we've done so far, but what we have coming around the corner hopes to be simply amazing if all goes well.

BluesTraveler.Net Staff:
Craig Davis
Jason Millner
Dave Mallick
Dave Bernreuther