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08-20-1999Brooklyn Bobby Sheehan found dead (Official Press Release)


New York -- Blues Traveler bassist Bobby Sheehan was found dead in his New Orleans apartment this morning. He was 31 years old. Since the band's early days in Princeton, NJ, Sheehan had always been one of the four cornerstones of the highly successful and loved quartet. He was there for every tour date, and had performed on all six of the band's albums. He will be missed by the artistic community to which he gave so much.

Most recently, Sheehan had begun to work on his first solo album. His plans for the fall included a return to the studio with the surviving members of Blues Traveler - John Popper, Brendan Hill and Chan Kinchla - as they were set to begin pre-production of BT's sixth studio recording.

John Popper commented, "Despite the fact that Bob Sheehan was respected, loved and revered by all who knew him, or knew of his music, he was easily the most underestimated member of the band. The best friend I've had in the world just died and I don't want to talk about it."

BluesTraveler.Net has the friends and family of Bobby Sheehan and the other band members in our thoughts a prayers. Please read our remembrance here.