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12-21-1999John Popper to guest at final God Street Wine shows

According to jambands.com, John Popper will be among the special guests at the last three shows of God Street Wine's ten-year musical run. These three appearances take place at New York City's Wetlands Preserve, where both bands played early in their careers, and will be, in the words of Lo Faber, "the most ambitious God Street has ever attempted". In a letter written to friends and fans this week, he continued:

[L]ike the rest of the band I'm going to wait til Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and do my talking in a musical way on the stage of the Wetlands. I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing everybody there. Get rested, cause these will be late nights and you have to help us

Pour the night into a cup
Close our eyes
And drink it up

Popper is slated to appear at Wednesday night's show, the second of the three. In unrelated news, he is also scheduled to be a panel member on ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher a week afterwards, a day prior to his last appearance of the year at Reno's Hilton Hotel with the John Popper band.