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12-23-1999Popper plays with God Street Wine

True to expectations, John Popper played with the band on a set-ending version of "Diana" at God Street Wine's next to last show at the Wetlands Preserve in New York last night. According to black-cat list member Matt Snyder:

The illustrious Mr. Popper made an appearance last night at the highly touted "second to last ever" God Street Wine show. He sat, or stood, in for one song "Diana" which, interestingly enough, is not a tune he plays on on the studio track. The guys were about take a set break but found the exit off stage blocked by a large mass with a hat. Somewhat amusing. He was in good spirits and, for those excitable few, I saw no evidence of use of any *bad* substances. He didn't stick around very long.

Also joining the band in their celebration was old friend Oteil Burbridge, though the two were not on stage at the same time. The setlist has been posted on The Guest List and is available here.