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06-13-2000John Popper jams on-stage with Galactic; New Stolen Ogre tour date; Setlists pop up

In apparently his first on-stage appearance since a gig five months ago at Park City, Utah's Sundance Festival, John Popper jammed with Galactic on "Ben's Blues" during their second set on Saturday night. The June 10th guest appearance with them marks the second instance of a Blues Traveler member with the New Orleans funk band and HORDE alum; Bobby Sheehan [who would have turned 32 yesterday] joined Galactic during a set over two years ago, also in San Francisco, at the Great American Music Hall on February 12th, 1998. A setlist for the entire show can be seen in the Guest List section of this site, and Galactic's web site has a real video download of the guest spot at the Galactic Online - Audio/Video area of their site.

According to their web site, Stolen Ogre has another gig booked for this summer; the latest information has them playing on August 26th at Seattle's Pier 69. The show, sponsored by Seattle-area firefighters, will be a benefit for the Northwest Burn Foundation. No ticket or time information has been announced as of yet but updates can be seen at www.stolenogre.com.

An anonymous guest has passed along the setlist for one of the latest Blues Traveler shows, and thanks to an attendee, a setlist for John Popper's January gig at the aforementioned Sundance Film Festival has also been added. Visit the setlist archive to see the latest lists and check out the titles of the new tunes!