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10-13-2000New Blues Traveler web site goes live; Two versions of EP to become available soon

www.bluestraveler.com. With this gesture, they overwrote a five-year-old static HTML site with a brand new, flash-driven, space-oriented piece designed to act as a more coherent official site. The site is still in development, and includes what may well be a tongue-in-cheek opening animation - to the tune of "Slow Change". Drummer Brendan Hill kicked off the message board with a note from the band, including the teaser that bassist Tad Kinchla, who used to design web sites in his spare time, was working on some multimedia clips and montages of their time in the studio. Also rumored to be on the way is a "Blues Traveler Radio" section, where you can program your own playlist of your favorite BT tunes, as well as listen to entire shows from previous tours.

One of the biggest pieces of news concerns the band's upcoming release - and not the full-length album slated for early next year. In order to appease fans, the band plans on offering a four-track EP entitled Decisions of the Sky - A Traveler's Tale of Sun and Storm. The EP is apparently designed to be an acknowledgement of what was originally to be a concept album entitled simply The Sun and the Storm, played in its entirety only once live, never to be recorded fully. Some tunes from the concept album are said to be in consideration for the upcoming disc, however. The latest news story also has a limited-edition version of this EP available at the merchandise table on tour, containing an extra fifth track. While it is only speculation at this point, rumor has it that one of the tracks will be the long-awaited Traveler's Suite, said to now include the instrumental tune formerly known as Intro. An obvious choice would seem to be Decision of the Skies as well, but this information will be confirmed through the official site when the time comes.