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11-02-2000CD-5 release a no-go; Current mp3's a "gift from the band"

Citing pressure from their record label, members of the band explained at last night's show in Charleston, SC, that the five-track version of the Decisions of the Sky EP will not be released or given away at shows, as previously announced. While no specific reason was given for Interscope's decision, speculation is that the record company would not have been too pleased about the band releasing its first disc on the label as a giveaway with a 20-minute song as the centerpiece. Fans hungry for the next release from the band will now have to wait three to four more months before the still-unnamed next studio album comes out early next year. John Popper did mention at the show that the song "Not Big, Too Easy", debuted in instrumental format at this year's Red Rocks show, would not be on the new album.

On the other hand, the four mp3's released through the band's official site should be considered "a gift from the band", according to Popper. The four tracks, produced by Brendan Hill shortly after new members Tad Kinchla and Ben Wilson joined the band, are free for circulation via trades, Internet-based distribution or any other venue. Popper claimed that Tad and Ben had been in the band for a mere three days when the songs were laid down and recorded, presumably earlier this year during their stint in an unnamed studio in Austin, Texas. The second track, "The Sun and the Storm", will be officially released through the band's web site on Monday, November 6th.