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01-05-2001New album release date set for March; More mp3's to be released through official site

According to a news story posted to MTV.com today, Blues Traveler's new album will be released in March and followed by an "extensive US tour...that will run through the end of the year.". The album has no official name yet, but rumors are that it will be some variation on the previously-announced "Bridge Out Of Brooklyn". There were rumblings that the band might shorten the title to "Bridge Outta Brooklyn" for its additional meaning as an acronym [B.O.B. as a tribute to the late Bobby Sheehan] but sources indicate that this is not the case.

Following through on their promise to offer more music through their web site, a spokesperson for the band also announced through the article that several more mp3's would be released in the same fashion as the previous four comprising Decisions of the Sky - A Traveler's Tale of Sun and Storm. The releases will include not only material left off the new album, but also older songs from the band's archive and live cuts from the new lineup's 2000 tours. Likely candidates include "Not Big Too Easy", which debuted at Red Rocks, and possibly one or more of the covers from Fall tour. More information on the track listing of the new album, as well as potential mp3 releases, will be posted here when it becomes available.