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02-07-2001Gina sez...

Gina from the BT home office reports that the Lake Tahoe and Orlando shows are not part of the official "Spring Tour" and should not be taken as representative of the ticket prices or venues that the band will play when they hit the road. Spring Tour is currently scheduled to start in mid-April, after the release of the new album. No release date has been announced yet, but indications are that it will not be in early March as reported on the official site. Current rumor has it in early April; the first single should be released beforehand but it has not yet been chosen.

Contrary to previous rumors, it appears that the band will not be on the bill for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. While it is possible that they will be added, the Jazzfest lineup has been announced on the web site and Blues Traveler is not among the listed talent. Sources say that the tour will cover as much of the US as possible over its duration [about a month and a half] with word that the band will follow up on its Fall Tour by hitting more areas not usually frequented in recent years. Spring Tour dates should be announced by the end of the month, with an e-mailer coming out from Gina with more details.