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02-12-2001Sampler CD to accompany Dave Matthews Band release at Circuit City; NYC tour dates upcoming?

According to several fans who work at Circuit City, The store will be packaging a CD sampler of unreleased Blues Traveler songs with copies of the upcoming Dave Matthews Band release, "Everyday". The new album, due to hit stores on February 27th, is the band's fourth studio album, and the accompanying Blues Traveler sampler supposedly contain three live, unreleased tracks, though it is not yet known which songs were chosen for the promotional disc. The latest date for Blues Traveler's new album is said to be April 10th. A title has not yet been released.

In other news, sources indicate that the release party for the new disc may well be similar to the release party for four. Rumor has it that the band will be visiting New York right around tax time for what may be a two-day celebration of the new disc hitting the market. Stay tuned to this web site for more tour date announcements soon...