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03-27-2001Gina sez...

An emailer went out today with several large news stories of note related to our favorite band. A few points of high importance:

Blues Traveler will be featured on VH-1's "Behind The Music" two months from today, on May 27th. The production is still ongoing and is quite the ordeal - reports are that John's interview lasted close to six hours! - but everyone involved is very excited about the episode. Look for several pieces of memorabilia from BT.Net and everyone who has contributed scans over the years, as the production has really been a family effort.

To coincide with the album's release on May 8th, the band will be playing their first stint on The Late Show with David Letterman since August of 1998. This will also place the band in New York City that day, so chances of a "release party" that night somewhere in New York look extremely likely, especially with the band slated to play the next night in Philadelphia. No venue has been booked yet, but several good-sized venues are still open.

As posted on the Message Board, the band is also soliciting suggestions for a "Best of Fall Tour" that they will then offer up for download through their website. Check out Rick D.'s post and send your suggestions to him at rd420@hotmail.com.