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08-24-2001Second leg of summer tour kicks off; New survey running through 8/30

Blues Traveler's second leg of their summer tour kicked off in fine fashion at the Oneida Casino last Saturday, finishing the show with a solemn encore tribute to Bobby Sheehan. The Thundercloud Indian Singers reprised their tribal chant from last July 4th, honoring the late bassist two days shy of the two-year anniversary of his passing. Notably absent from the first week of touring have been the slew of covers that the band was featuring on the earlier leg of the summer tour, possibly as a result of the recent survey run here on BluesTraveler.Net.

Many thanks to the 352 visitors who voted on our previous poll - the full results can be seen here, but the runaway winner for favorite cover was The Devil Went Down To Georgia, with 24.1% of the votes among the 10 choices. Second place went to No Woman, No Cry at 15.6%, while the Frogwings tune (and Popper collaboration) Pattern finished third with 12.5%. The race for least favorite cover were less emphatic, but Imagine placed first with 16.7% of the votes, while No Woman, No Cry took second place in this category as well with 13.9%. A more distant third was Johnny B. Goode at 9.3%, narrowly nipping In Your Eyes at 8.8%.

And now there is a new survey for your perusal, where you get to vote on which song should make it back into the rotation! The band has sent their "play list", which details all the songs that they have learned and practiced as a five-piece. The fans are now challenged with selecting three songs from that list that they would like to hear the band bring back; there are quite a few on the list that have not been played since Ben and Tad joined Blues Traveler! As a second part of the survey, we're asking fans to select one song NOT on that list that they would like to see brought back. The results of both questions will be submitted to the band and will likely be heard in future concerts. Cast your vote!