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06-18-2002Summer tour in full swing; New tunes keep coming; New album due out next month

After taking much of May off to continue to write and practice new material, the band is now in full swing on their soon-to-be summer tour after stops in Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and New York. Continuing a pattern noted by fans on the April dates, the sets have been largely cover-free and are taking more chances with dividing songs. Taking their cue from last year's Red Rocks show, the band split songs between two dates again - this time sharing halves of old fan favorite Spinning Spiraling Machine between the rotating stages of the Cape Cod Melody Tent and the South Shore Music Circus in Massachusetts.

As is usually the case, the band has used the early stages of the tour to test some new tunes on the masses; If You're The One, I Can't See Why, Thinnest of Air and This Ache have already returned from their playings at Stubb's, while two tunes called Let It Ride and Stumble & Fall have made reappearances since their introduction at the Clarkson show in April. H-Over has not popped up on setlists so far but the tour is young yet.

Perhaps the biggest piece of news is that Blues Traveler will be releasing a new live album in July. No official track listing has been offered yet, but it has been learned that the disc will feature a version of The Path with members of Spearhead as well as the live staple Pattern. Rumors are that the tracks of the single-disc release stem from four shows in 2001: August 18th in Green Bay, WI; November 21st in San Francisco, CA; December 5th in St. Louis, MO; and December 16th from New York City's Roseland Ballroom. Bassist Tad Kinchla revealed that the band plans to make this a yearly release with music from the previous year's tours if sales go well. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.