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09-18-2002New album track listing released; Release date announced; Tentative tour schedule for the rest of the year

Blues Traveler's new album, What You And I Have Been Through, will be released in late October according to MTV and VH-1's web sites. The track listing of the album, which is being released through BMG Entertainment, is as follows:

  1. Star Spangled Banner
  2. Slow Change
  3. Reach Me
  4. Sadly A Fiction
  5. Carolina Blues
  6. Pattern
  7. Back In The Day
  8. Rage (with Carl Young)
  9. Lost Me There
  10. All Hands
  11. The Path (with Radioactive)
The only Rage from fall tour with Carl Young on it is from November 25th's show at the Sun Theater in Anaheim, while The Path could be from any number of dates, including December 5th in St. Louis or December 16th in New York City. The Star-Spangled Banner is also believed to originate from the New York show.

The band will be returning to the road shortly after the album releases on October 22nd; the current plan is to celebrate with a record release extravaganza on the east coast and then tour the west coast through Thanksgiving and into December. Then it's back into the studio in January, according to drummer Brendan Hill, to lay down the live material that the band has been playing since early summer.