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04-20-2003Four years ago today...

...a website was born. It was four years ago today that an idea came to fruition and BluesTraveler.Net was launched. After 6 months of preparation, the original BluesTraveler.Net team of Craig Davis and Jason Millner met their goal of 4/20 and the site was made public.

A Blues Traveler website, for the fans, with everything we could think of - or at least get our hands on at the time - all in one place. Incorporating websites from Misha Rutman, as well as the Groovin@the.show site and many others, we created a website that fans could go to in order to keep up to date with Blues Traveler information. In doing so, we also created what could be considered the most comprehensive museum of Blues Traveler photos, memorabilia and more!

A short while later, the BluesTraveler.Net team was strengthened with the addition of the Daves. Dave Mallick brought his wealth of BT knowledge and seemingly 36 hour days, while Dave Bernreuther brought his graphical abilities and ideas.

Since the site was originally launched, it has grown from 40Mb to over 300Mb! This is in direct relation to the amount of support we have recieved from each and every one of you. For each person who has emailed us photos or scanned ticket stubs, or emailed us a setlist from a show they attended, we are grateful.

Many things have changed since 4/20/99. We lost a friend in Bobby, but gained two more in Ben & Tad. We saw the John Popper Band and other side projects such as Stolen Ogre, the Frogwings and others. The band has grown musically. We have all grown with them.

In keeping with the constant growth and evolution of the band, we too, will be growing and evolving. With the help of Joe Catanese and Adam Quay (among others), we are working toward developing a new BluesTraveler.Net! You may have already seen the new design in the recently launched Forever FOB section. If you haven't already done so, take a look and let us know what you think. This website is nothing without you - the fans. We want to continue to provide the most informative Blues Traveler website on the net. We haven't set an official date for the relaunch, but will keep you all updated on our status.

Thanks to all of you for four fucking excellent years!

BluesTraveler.Net Staff