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06-11-2003Second Annual Black-Cat Spirit of Harp-N-Soul Raffle announced

From the blackcat list:

Hello Fellow Travelers,

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing The 2nd Annual Black-Cat Spirit of Harp-n-Soul Raffle. Proceeds from the raffle will once again be donated to Save the Music Foundation in loving memory and in celebration of the life of Mr. "Brooklyn" Bob Sheehan.

The 2nd Annual Black-Cat Spirit of Harp-n-Soul Raffle will start today, the eve of Bob's birthday (6/12), and run through 8/20 with the drawing coinciding with the 4th anniversary of his passing. An unbiased 3rd party will conduct the drawing by creating a program to generate a random number to select the names of the winners.

The current raffle prizes consist once again of the charity JP signed harp (a big thanks to Bret Peterson, last years winner, for offering it back up and for keeping the true spirit of the harp alive) in addition to the following:

  • Jono Manson "Almost Home" CD autographed by Bobby Sheehan (donated by Jeff Marshall)
  • 3 8x10 glossy photos of Bobby Sheehan (donated by Kyle Holbrook)
  • Black-cat embroidered baseball cap (donated by Chris Costello)
  • Warfield concert poster - 11/30/02 (donated by Audrey Jones)

    If any of you would like to contribute other prizes please email me at audrey@harpnsoul.com.

    The raffle will be open to the public, however, in order to keep with the true spirit of the charity harp, it will only be awarded to a list member. So it is important when sending your money in that you make note that you are a list member in order to be eligible to win the charity harp.

    Thanks in advance for your participation!