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12-17-2003John jams with the Dead; Brendan sits in with Stolen Ogre; Bob Weir joins John & Rob at the "Wasserman Sessions"; John's Liquid Loot harp goes to a listmember!

As rumored here on BluesTraveler.net, John Popper did indeed join The Dead at Saturday's Seva Benefit, sitting in with the band on "Eyes Of The World" and apparently returning for the encore of "Not Fade Away". The full setlist, as posted at otherones.net:

Jam > Truckin > Tomorrow Never Knows > Loser, Down the Road > Ramble On Rose > Jack Straw > Dark Star > Eyes of the World* > Dark Star > One More Saturday Night
E: Not Fade Away+
*-w/ John Popper; +-w/ Bonnie Raitt, Maria Muldaur, Norton Buffalo, and others
A user review submitted to otherones.net mentioned that John had an on-stage duel with Jimmy Herring, an old friend from his days with Aquarium Rescue Unit and more recently with Frogwings.

Popper's sit in followed closely on the heels of another guest appearance the night before - just up the coast in Washington, drummer Brendan Hill revisited his side project Stolen Ogre, who continues to play and jam on its own without him. Brendan sat behind the kit for the entire set at the Lakepointe in Kenmore, WA; the setlist as reported by Ogre keyboardist Michael McMorrow:

Use Me
Love Me Alone
House of Candy>
Sister Moon
So We Danced
The band's upcoming album Road to Jericho remains in production without any release information; Brendan was involved in the recording and production and will no doubt advise when a release date is near.

John's visit with the "Wasserman Sessions" was a rousing success according to reviews from attendees. Not only did Popper, Wasserman and DJ Logic jam with local musicians but Dead guitarist Bob Weir dropped by to jam for the first fifteen minutes of the hour-plus gig. Most of the music was instrumental jamming, split into four pieces centered around variou musical themes. Several tapers were in attendance and one in particular mentioned plans of making the recording available via the USENET newsgroup alt.binaries.gdead.d.highspeed.reposts, with announcements on alt.binaries.gdead.d.

Finally, congratulations are in order for blackcat listmember Jeff LeRoy, who had accumulated enough Liquid Loot points to win the recent auction on LiquidLoot.com for a signed John Popper harmonica.