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05-06-2005Rolling Stone confirms new album title and release date; Two new dates released for 2005 summer tour

An article in the most recent article of Rolling Stone follows up on Blues Traveler signing with a new label, and also reveals a projected release date and title for the band's eight studio album:

New Label for Hootie, Blues Traveler

Nineties pop-rock acts Blues Traveler and Hootie and the Blowfish have signed with Vanguard Records. Hootie's fifth studio album will be released on a Vanguard imprint on August 9th. Blues Traveler will offer up ¡Bastardos! on September 12th.
The new title - possibly influenced by their Texan surroundings while writing and recording the album with producer Jay Bennett in Austin - recalls a throwaway line John once made in an interview with the Toronto Sun. In the article in question, John jokingly mentioned his idea for the title of what would eventually become Straight On Till Morning:
"'I wanted to call it Those Bastards. I wanted a funny title,' says Popper. 'Blues Traveler - Those Bastards, hey!'" [Chan] Kinchla groans: "We didn't really jump on that bandwagon, John."

In news of more immediacy, two dates have been added to the band's summer schedule - after the annual Red Rocks date, Blues Traveler will be swinging back east to play the Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA on July 14th for the fifth year running. Eight days later, the band will playing Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo as part of "Jammin' At The Zoo". The monthly series in the windy city will feature Big Head Todd & the Monsters at its June show, and then will have Blues Traveler in its July slot. An August headliner has not been announced yet.