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Jono Manson

"Who's Jono Manson?" a drunken Nightengale's patron asks in the middle of one sweaty show. "The fact that you need to ask," wisecracks John Popper from the stage, "means that you must drink heavily."

Jono Manson was and is the frontman for quite a few lesser-known but hard-working New York-area outfits over the last two decades. It wasn't so much his singing and guitar work that he was known for (although in the opinion of this fan these are of equal standing) as it was his endless ability to work a crowd and keep them enthralled over the course of a concert. Jono took Blues Traveler and many other NYC-area artists under his wing in their formative years, and is generally regarded as the Godfather of the New York City music scene of the late 80's.

Visit the official Jono Manson site to learn more, including a comprehensive discography, audio downloads and a more extensive biography. You can also search the database for Jono sitting in with Blues Traveler.