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Wasabi was the dynamic creation of a group of New York City-area musicians that comprised members of Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, The Authority as well as the feared and revered horns of Arnie Lawrence's Blues Co-Elation. They formed loosely (as this is the only way things are formed in Wasabi) in 1991 with the idea of hitting the stage with nary a rehearsal, letting the groove take over. It is not known how many Wasabi gigs took place; three are in widespread circulation and another half dozen are known to exist, but it is doubtful that the group will ever perform again, as members have gone their separate ways. But the gigs that remain are priceless documents of a pure groove sensibility.

Wasabi gigs

Wasabi Art

Tim Vega is the artist extraordinaire who did many a painting for a Blues Traveler or Spin Doctors poster, and did so up until his untimely death in April of 2002. He is also responsible for some interior decorating at Nightengales as well as various graffiti-esque projects around New York City. A piece of his Wasabi art can be viewed at his online gallery here and at his main site here.