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[Forever FOB]

I would imagine that many of you wonder what Forever FOB means. Forever FOB was named for a man who has touched the lives of so many people in many different and unique ways. FOB is a group of fans who migrate to the same spot at every Blues Traveler show they attend. For example, if you were looking to meet up with me at a Blues Traveler show and asked where I would be, my answer would always be simple...Front of Bob. For me, it has always sounded a little better on the lower end of the stage.

More than just a musician, Bobby was a friend to every person he graced with his presence. He had the rare ability to talk to anyone and it would feel as though you've known him your entire life. He is truly missed.

BluesTraveler.Net has collected memories, thoughts, and poems by fans which will serve as a living memorial to the bassman on this site. We hope that family, friends, and fans of Blues Traveler will take comfort in the words of others, and remember Bobby not only as a great musician, but also as a great man. Very few things in this world are forever. Here's to Brooklyn Bob, a true diamond whose radiance will show in this world as long as his music is heard.

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See you at the shows, I'll be standing in Front of Bob.


Star Belu
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Dan Culberson
Matthew Despres
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Rick Duro (story 2)
Chris Ellis
Kyle Holbrook
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Ivan Lutwin
Dave Mallick
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Brian McFarland
Kerri Meade
Chris P.
Adam Quay
Gabe Reilly
Rev. Kevin Robbins
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Ross Romero
Matt Roppelt
Stephanie Walter
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